Looking For Comedy Bloggers (This Means You)

Looking For Comedy Bloggers (This Means You)

Looking For Comedy Bloggers

Hello Bloggers,

We are looking to add five talented decent comedy bloggers ASAP. Los Angeles Brahs has been a comedy website since 2013. We are based in Boston and Venice Beach, California.

Venice Office:

Boston Office:


We don’t care where you live, if you are a actual fat guy or you actually live in a fat guy as long as you are funny we have room.

Dr Boneswell: Computer guy. Will SEO your mom.

We had heavy traffic and were highly ranked on Google during our peek and we are looking to recapture the magic.

Editor-in-Chief: Editor gonna edit.

At least her crib is nice.

Los Angeles Brahs is now looking to expand… This means you.

Our Boat: (not a screen shot from Uncharted 4)

Max Powers: Venice. Hero. 64 degrees. I was OUTside. You shitting me?

Frank Dux: Boston. Don’t EVER fucken edit this man’s shit. Takes Halloween very seriously.

Los Angeles Brah’s Lawyer: Does not possess actual law degree. Jewish.

Also enjoys breakfast.

If you want to blog here hit the reply button and send me some samples or hit the “Contact The Lab” tab if you are slow.

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