Guilty or Not: Is Providing reduced fair Jail Rides a Bad Look For China?

Guilty or Not: Is Providing reduced fair Jail Rides a Bad Look For China?

A Chinese driver has been found by police illegally driving a modified tricycle with over two dozen students in the back. Policemen in Nanning, China were shocked to find the 26 primary school children squeezed into a small cage at the back of the vehicle. The man was fined for illegally modifying a vehicle and overloading passengers in the incident which occurred on May 18. According to People’s Daily Online, traffic officers in Nanning City, China’s Guangxi province received reports of an overloaded vehicle. They stopped the motorised tricycle on the road for inspection and saw that it had been modified. In the pictures, the tricycle can be seen with a huge metal cage attached at the back. A cloth can be seen covering the cage. 26 young boys and girls were pictured inside the cage with some sitting along two benches at the side and the rest standing close to each other. Policemen were shocked to find the children locked in a cage. The driver surnamed Wang told police that most of the students were ‘left behind’ children as their parents had to move to big cities for work. Each child was charged 30 yuan (£3.35) a month for a transportation fee to be picked up and dropped off, according to Wang. He was given a verbal warning and fined for overloading passengers.

Guilty or Not

Come on China, two steps forward  a million yibai wan steps back. You finally shut down the poorly named D. E. F. (dog eating festival) – The Chinese version of Burning Man minus the hippie orgy tents and substitute an entire city’s missing pets, cooked over a slow heat and sauteed to perfection. A good thing. Now you are on the cover of “The Nanning City Times” for getting your town’s iPhone factory mourning shift, busted for illegally modifying mobile child pokeys. A bad thing. Asian version Sean Spicer is going to have to explain how successful and affordable (30 yuan) the “no”, ‘left behind’ kid’s transportation program is. “Does your Isis inspired, kiddie cage carrier offer free umbrellas like your a five star UberLUX executive. No. Then shut the fuck up.”

Final Verdict: Guilty as fuck. Getting caught carting 26 kiddies in a portable jail will definitely urn your country a few global frownie faces but not naming your dog eating festival Burning Dog will get you a kick in your nuts.

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