Everything Stupid Part 6 “Brockton”

Everything Stupid Part 6 “Brockton”


Did someone skip class the day they taught you the difference between through and threw?  If I saw you and knew you’d complain on a public forum that someone “thru” an egg at your windshield I’d throw a fucking dozen at you.


You broke up with a girlfriend because of the way she ate her food?  So you never shared a meal before you started seeing each other, you just skipped going on dates and one day saw her chew with her mouth open and you bounced? You must get some serious ass Jim, the fact that you’re fucking illiterate and don’t know the difference between there and their, I would’ve spit my food out at you into your mouth while you were yawning if I was her.  You’ve told several people to stop talking while they were eating?  American fucking hero right here folks.




This post just speaks for itself.  Choochees bday cake gets fucked up and someone gets strangled by red fingers like they were being attacked by all the linguica in Fall River might be the best comment line I’ve seen in months, that shit is gold.

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